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Oakland Residential Wall Covering Installation

What is required to prepare for the project? What you need to do, what we need to do:

First off: Call us to come and measure for your wall covering. you will need to know how wide the paper or fabric is and in what increment it is packaged or sold (Yards, Rolls, Minimum order, Feet per roll). You should have a professional paint contractor prepare the walls to a level 5 surface ( no dings, gouges, high spots, cracks or bumps, existing wall paper and its paste residu, loose peeling paint or chalky paint surfaces) that has been properly primed with a suitable product designed with wall covering in mind (Shields Universal Wall Covering Primer, pigmented, by the Zinzer corporation) applying two coats for good coverage and allowing it to dry a day before the wall paper hanger arrives to install. If hanging a dark paper, it is best to tint the primer with 50 % of the papers color as an added protection so that if a seam opens it will not reveal a fine white line. The paper hanger will need room to set up his or her papering table to cut and paste the paper. Its always good if the space is clean to begin with so that the new decorative paper will not be soiled from dust or contaminants on the floor or surfaces. Its helpful with big patterns that there is ample room to lay out a few panels on the floor so that a sure pattern match can be made and an idea of the best pattern placement can be made at that time. Your wall paper or wall covering should have at least 72 hours in the room that it will be installed in, to acclimate with the temperature of the room and the room should be no lower in temp than about 64 degrees. The airflow in the room should be contained, as too much air will cause the seams of newly installed wall paper to open up as it dries too fast. Likewise the heat should not be adjusted too high or the air conditioner to forceful. An even temperature and slow ventilation is best for perfect results.

Will I need lining paper?

Lining paper is designed to make pulp papers, mylars, foils and metal leaf and lacquered papers hang better and offer a smoother finish to the finished wall paper. If the hanging instruction that arrives with your wallpaper or the vendor says that it will require a lining paper it is best to follow that advise if you want that paper to hang perfectly. The labor and material cost for the lining will be detailed on the bid/estimate if needed and we can talk about alternatives as well.

Getting your project on our calendar:

We will need to measure and provide you with a written estimate of the work. Our estimates are usually the exact cost so it is really more like a firm price bid. Of course, additions to and above what is discussed and written on the estimate will add further charges as your needs require. You will need to send a deposit to take a place on our calendar. The sooner that you place your deposit, the sooner that you are served, depending who is in front of you. Tim Little is very dedicated to the depositees, so first come first served. On smaller projects, we ask for a 50% deposit with the remainder on the final payment on the satisfied completion of the work. On larger projects 1/3 of the cost or less deposit, depending on the project and the needs to procure and prepare for the project needs. If you wait until the week or days before your project, to send your deposit, you will probably find that you are out of luck for service. A deposit is in good faith that we’re both on the same page and prepared.

TIM LITTLE is licensed, bonded and insured. Certificates of proof of liability insurance and Workmans Comprehensive Insurance, proof of insurance are available faxed or emailed directly to you from the insurers.

TIM LITTLE operates on a C33 license in the state of California. License number 606476.

References: TIM LITTLE has delighted customers and they would be glad to give you their take on how satisfied they were with our services. Please ask and we will send you some of our recent references.